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Felix “Tito” Trinidad began boxing at the young age of 12 and had a solid amateur career winning five Puerto Rican National Amateur Championships. He posted a record of 51-6 and turned professional at the age of 17 on March 10, 1990.
At just 19-0, Trinidad won his first world title by knocking out IBF welterweight champion Maurice Blocker in just 2 rounds. He successfully defended his title against 4 times including against Puerto Rican countryman Hector Camacho and Yori Boy Campas. Campas whom many were calling the next Chavez carried an impressive record of 56-0 with 50 KOs. He knocked down Trinidad in the 2nd round but Tito came back and stopped Campas in the 4th round.
Trinidad continued defending his IBF title but along the way he was developing a habit of getting knocked down early in fights only to come back to win. It was questioned whether he could take a punch but his power more than made up for it as he became one of boxing’s most devastating punchers. After 14 impressive title defenses, a mega unification bout was set against WBC champion Oscar De La Hoya.
In one of the most anticipated Welterweight showdowns in boxing history, two undefeated welterweight champions in their prime who carried on the Puerto Rican-Mexican rivalry squared off at in Las Vegas.
While the fight was one of the most successful PPV events in boxing history, the fight lacked the all out action that fans expected. De La Hoya outboxed Trinidad for most of the first half of the fight but after the 9th round, his corner advised De La Hoya to play it safe since they felt he had a big enough lead on the scorecards. Trinidad ended up coming on strong in the later rounds as De La Hoya stayed away and “ran” the last 4 rounds. Trinidad won a disputed majority decision.
Tito moved to the junior middleweight division where he immediately won the WBA light middleweight title from David Reid in his first fight in that division. Another big showdown with Mexican IBF light middleweight champ Fernando Vargas took place. The fight was eagerly awaited as Vargas and Trinidad engaged in a classic bout that involved both fighters tasting the canvas. In the end, it was Vargas who would get knockdown 3 times in the 12th round and lost by TKO.
Tito would again move up and this time to the middleweight division where in his first fight, he won the WBA middleweight title from William Joppy by stopping him in 5 rounds. In a huge middleweight unification bout, Trinidad would face middleweight kingpin and WBC & IBF champion Bernard Hopkins. Hopkins completely dominated Trinidad from beginning to end prompting Tito’s corner to throw in the towel in the 12th round were an uppercut from Hopkins put Trinidad down. Tito received the first loss of his career and fought one more fight against Hacine Cherifi before announcing his retirement.
Trinidad would return 2 ½ years later and took on Nicaraguan madman Ricardo Mayorga and scored an impressive 8th round knockout. His comeback however was short lived as he took on Winky Wright who put on a Hopkins-type
performance and dominated Tito with his jab and straight left hand. Trinidad would again retire but would again comeback almost 3 years later to face Roy Jones Jr. Trinidad had a good showing but ultimately, Jones controlled the fight and won an impressive unanimous decision.

Witness the power of one the hardest punchers the sport has ever seen. Trinidad ruled with an iron fist as he became a hero in his native country and took on and participated in some of the biggest fights in recent memory.
His fights are spread on 14 DVDs with motion menus and chaptered fights in chronological order. Good to excellent picture quality except disc 1 which is average/grainy.

XXXXXXActual menu

Disc 1:
FT KO 2 Jose Vilarino (Spanish commentary)
FT W 6 Valentin Ocasio (Spanish commentary)
FT KO 2 Luis Felipe Perez
FT W 10 Jake Rodriquez (Spanish commentary)
FT TKO 3 Alberto Cortez (French commentary, Trinidad down once in round two)
FT TKO 1 Henry Hughes (Spanish commentary)
FT TKO 4 Pedro Aguirre (Spanish commentary)

Disc 2:
FT KO 2 Maurice Blocker (The fight that finally put Tito on the map as he violently dethrones Blocker for IBF welterweight
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx title)
FT TKO 1 Luis Gabriel Garcia (Garcia was felled 4 times in 151 seconds)
FT KO 10 Anthony Stevens (Trinidad was knocked down in this fight)

Disc 3:
FT W 12 Hector Camacho
FT TKO 4 Yori Boy Campas (Trinidad dumped in round 2 launched an all-out assault to punish Campas!)

Disc 4:
FT TKO 8 Oba Carr (Trinidad knocked down in round 2)
FT TKO 2 Roger Turner
FT TKO 4 Larry Barnes
FT TKO 4 Rodney Moore

Disc 5:
FT KO 5 Freddie Pendleton
FT TKO 6 Ray Lovato
FT TKO 3 Kevin Leushing (Trinidad knocked down in his jinx round number 2)

Disc 6:
FT KO 1 Troy Waters
FT KO 4 Mahenge Zulu
FT TKO 4 Hacine Cherifi
FT L 3 Felipe Nieves (Amateur fight)

Disc 7:

FT W 12 Pernell Whitaker
(Trinidad drops Whitaker in round 2 who was attempting a comeback after a drug rehab)
FT KO 4 Hugo Pineda

Disc 8:
FT W 12 Oscar De La Hoya (Unifies WBC/IBF titles in a match that didn't live up to it's billing "The Fight of the Millennium")

Disc 9:
FT W 12 David Reid (Reid floored 4 times, Tito down in 3rd and wins WBA light middleweight title!)
FT TKO 3 Mamadou Thiam (Thiam put up a spirited resistance for as long as he lasted)

Disc 10:
FT TKO 12 Fernando Vargas (Unifies WBA/IBF light middleweight titles in breathtaking fight billed as "Forces of
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Destruction!")
Disc 11:
FT TKO 5 William Joppy (Tito runs down Joppy like a Mack truck, wins WBA middleweight title!)
FT LTKO 12 Bernard Hopkins (Tito suffers first pro loss to a brilliant Hopkins for the undisputed middleweight title!)

Disc 12:
FT TKO 8 Ricardo Mayorga (Comebacking Tito wins vacant NABC middleweight title in an exciting bout!)
FT TKO 4 Hacine Cherifi

Disc 13:
FT L 12 Ronald "Winky" Wright
(Wright masters Tito in near shutout)

Disc 14:
Countdown to Jones vs. Trinidad (HBO 30 minute special analyzing the upcoming HBO pay-per-view fight!)
FT L 12 Roy Jones Jr
(Trinidad floored twice in "Bring on the Titans")

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