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Just like all other accomplished and legendary athletes in the sports industry or any field, Edwin Valero started his amateur career at a very young age of twelve. On his youngster years he is already a Venezuelan amateur champion in his country for three years. He also beaten Francisco “Panchito” Bojado and made him the Central and South American champion. Edwin Valero reportedly compiled an amateur boxing record of 86 wins and only 6 losses with 57 knockouts.
Edwin Valero’s amateur record would later prove to be a promising threat in the boxing world as he scored 24 straight consecutive wins in his professional boxing record 19 of which all in round 1.
The very first 1st-round knockout winning streak was held by Young Otto in 1905 by winning his first 15 matches all in round one. Edwin Valero won 18 of his first fights by round one knockout in his professional career, thus setting a new world record for round one knockout winning streaks. It was February 25, 2006 when he set this new world record. However this amazing record was broken by Tyrone Brunson who also had 18 first round knockouts. Valero almost won his 19th match by round 1 however Genaro Tzancos survive until the second round in their match last March 25, 2006 and thus breaking the round 1 knockout winning frenzy.
Edwin Valero won the WBA super featherweight title when he defeated Vicente Mosquera by tenth-round TKO last August 5, 2006.  After making four successfull world title defenses,Valero vacated the WBA title which has since been aquired by Jorge Linares and made the move to the lightweight division to challenge Antonio Pitalua for the WBC belt vacated by Manny Pacquiao. After destroying Pitalua inside two rounds on April 4, 2009: Edwin Valero was the new WBC lightweight champion.

On February 6, 2010 in his most sterling performance and also his first fight shown on US television. Valero showed he was anything but one-dimensional
as he outfought and, somewhat shockingly, outboxed the tentative and outclassed Antonio DeMarco while controlling all the rounds in a one-sided battle of southpaws.
On 18 April 2010 Valero was arrested after police found the body of his 24-year-old wife in a hotel in the city of Valencia, Carabobo. Valero was considered a suspect and was taken to jail. Valero allegedly admitted to hotel security that he had murdered his wife. The following day he was found dead in his prison cell at 1:30 AM, having hanged himself using pieces of his own clothing.

During his short but remarkable career in the ring he carved out a fearsome reputation as a phenomenal puncher, as well as a ruthless finisher. Valero’s fame quickly extended beyond his native Venezuela when he set a record by winning his first 18 fights by first-round knockouts. But outside the ring he was a troubled man dealing with addiction and violence.
This set contain professional menus and chaptered fights and poor/fair to excellent picture quality.


DISC 1 - Poor quality but rare fights
Valero TKO 1 Danny Sandoval I
Valero KO 1 Danny Sandoval II
Valero KO 1 Aram Ramazyan
Valero TKO 1 Hernan Abraham Valenzuela
Valero TKO 1 Angel Alirio Rivero
Valero KO 1 Julio Pineda

Valero TKO 1 Hero Bando
Valero TKO 2 Genaro Trazancos
Valero TKO 10 Vicente Mosquera (Mosquera down two times in the 1st and Valero down in 3rd round of a dogfight!)

Valero TKO 3 Zaid Zavaleta
Valero TKO 1 Michael Lazoda
Valero KO 1 Jose Hernandez

Valero TKO 7 Takehiro Shimada
Hozumi Hasegawa  TKO 2 Gerardo Martinez

Valero TKO 8 Nobuhito Honmo

Michael Katsidis TKO 8 Jesus Chavez
Valero TKO 2 Antonio Pitalua (Pitalua down three times in round two in a highlight reel KO)

Valero TKO 9 Antonio DeMarco ( Valero proves he's for real as he put on a brilliant display of boxing)

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